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Notes about Character Creation for Iron Gods: Follow the flow chart, adding the additional options, below, including rolling randomly:

Races: Roll 1d8 and 1d12 and add the results:

1. Undine/ Iffrit/ Sylph/ Oread: The elemental races are as rare in Numeria as they are on the rest of Golarion. These races are never from the stars
2. Kolat: A four-armed race from the desert planet Korb, Kolat PCs tower over the humanoids around them.
3. Tieflings: The rare demon-spawn in Numeria is likely running from something.
4. Drak: Aliens with two genetic types, one bred for physical labor, and one bred for magical research.
5. Ratfolk: Scavengers, some native and others (called Ysoki ratmen) from the stars
6. Aratomin: Psychic aliens from “Venus,” seemingly gender-dimorphic. (Roll 1d2 to determine gender presentation).
7 or 14. Android: inhuman machines with the spark of life who reincarnate and learn (it would be great to have at least one).
8. Dwarves: not many, not well liked.
9. Half-elves: Mostly freed slaves.
10 or 11. Humans: Mostly Kellids, though there are other ethnicities, as well.
12. Halflings: Second largest racial group. Mostly serve as slaves.
13. Mocks (half-orcs): more socially accepted than halflings or half-elves.
15. Gnomes: lots to tinker with in Numeria…
16. Elves: Few live in Numeria, although some who do may not be from Golarion.
17. Toru: catlike aliens from a world where seasons last for generations.
18. Aasimar: The rare angel-spawn in Numeria is likely a deserter from the Worldwound crusades.
19. Thrake: Four-armed aliens from beyond the solar system; agile hunters.
20. Aarakocra: The winged “hawkmen” of Akiton have established a small number of sanctuaries high in the mountains.

Backgrounds: It’s more interesting to choose a background that adds flavor, instead of an obvious tie: a Cleric might have been an Acolyte, but one who was a Sailor makes for more interesting stories
Roll 1d8 and 1d4 and add the results:
2. Charlatan
3. Criminal
4. Entertainer
5. Folk Hero
6. Guild Artisan
7. Renegade Apprentice
8 or 9. Kellid Tribesman
10. Hermit
11. Soldier
12. Urchin.

Campaign Bonds
Roll one of these in addition to the bound from your background:
1. Against the Technic League
2. Local Ties
3. Numerian Archeologist
4. Robot Slayer
5. Skymetal Smith
6. Stargazer

Instead of slots: “meatshield,” “healer,” etc., think in terms of role: “mastermind,” “grifter,” “hitter,” “hacker,” and “thief,” and combinations. A Rogue can be a thief, but can also be a grifter, a hitter, or a mastermind.
Roll 2d10, add the results together, and use the chart below:

2. Artificer Cleric
3. Druid (Land Circle)
4. Sorcerer (roll 1d4)
5. Ranger (roll 1d3)
6 or 13. Alchemist
7. or 12. Wizard (roll 1d8)
8. or 11. Fighter (roll 1d3)
9. or 10. Barbarian (roll 1d4)
14 or 15. Gunslinger (roll 1d3)
16. Mesmerist
17. Swashbuckler Monk
18. Shaman Warlock
19. Rogue (roll 1d3)
20. Kineticist (roll 1d10)

If you rolled a Barbarian, roll 1d4 to determine your archetype:
1 or 2. Robot Smasher
3. Berserker
4. Totem Warrior

If you rolled a Rogue, roll 1d3 to determine your archetype:
1. Thief
2. Assassin
3. Arcane trickster

If you rolled a Fighter, roll 1d3 to determine your archetype:
1. Champion
2. Battle-master
3. Eldritch knight

If you rolled a Ranger, roll 1d3 to determine your archetype:
1 or 2. Hunter (with Numerian additions)
3. Beast Master

If you rolled a Sorcerer, roll 1d4 to determine your bloodline:
1. Dragon
2. Wild Mage
3 or 4. Nannite

If you rolled a Kineticist, roll 1d10 to determine your elemental focus:
1. or 2. Fire
3. or 4. Earth
5. or 6. Water
7. or 8. Air
9. or 10. Spirit

If you rolled a Wizard, roll 1d8 to determine your school specialization:
1. Abjuration
2. Conjuration
3. Divination
4. Enchantment
5. Evocation
6. Illusion
7. Necromancy
8. Transmutation

If you rolled a Gunslinger, roll 1d3 to determine your archetype:
1. Pistolero (Shootist is a better name)
2. Musketmaster (Sniper is a better name)
3. Techslinger

Singular Curiosities (choose one or roll 2d12)
2. As a child, your faith was so strong that you were rewarded by the god(s) with the touch of life. (1/day, wake a dying person, no save required.)
3. You have made a dark pact with an eldritch entity; each day you may ask the entity three questions and expect reasonably truthful answers. When you do, it expects something from you in return.
4. You were once kissed by a dryad; once per day you may step into a tree and emerge out of another tree you are familiar with.
5. Your father gave you a silver chain that has the power to bind witches.
6. You were born with a birthmark that grants you minor magical powers (choose one: druidcraft, prestidigitation, or thaumaturgy).
7. You carry your grandmother’s enchanted sword; it does +1 damage and will fly to your hand if you will it.
8. Your master taught you how to cut spirits using a regular blade.
9. You bear a special enmity against a specific kind of supernatural creature: your attacks do 1d4 extra damage against that creature and can sense when they are nearby.
10. You have a profound connection to the spirit world and can converse with the recently deceased.
11. You have a face that is always missed in a crowd (when you want it to be), and you can mimic others’ voices perfectly.
12. You use your forked tongue to enhance your sense of smell for the purposes of tracking with scent and detecting poison in food.
13. You can still remember the things you learned in your past life.
14. Your tattoos alter daily, revealing cryptic clues of events yet to come.
15. You are a changeling and the fairy folk are apt to give you respect.
16. Your family follows the Old Ways; once per day you can transform into the form of a wolf or hawk (any damage you take in this form is subtracted from your hit point total when you return to your normal shape).
17. You are an alien, but you hide that fact with a magic charm that creates an illusion of humanity.
18. Your grandfather gave you a key that opens all simple locks.
19. You are a talking bear. This overrides your race choice, below. Roll again on the Singular Curiosity table.
20. Your aunt taught you how to shoot a pistol, and when she disappeared you found her six-shooter in a darkwood box at the foot of your bed.
21. You give off a strange electromagnetic field: technological devices have a tendency to behave strangely around you after a few minutes.
22. Your affair with a Winter Witch has left you immune to the effects of cold temperatures, but vulnerable to overheating.
23. An ancestor of yours came from another world, and even when you can’t speak with a certain type of alien, they often seem to have an inexplicable affection for you.
24. You were born with the ability to make nonmagical beasts bow down before you.

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